Wines for the Month January / Feburary 


Here you can find a list of wines we will be tasting for the next few weeks.


Beers will still be done on the fly and posted prior to the tasting to ensure maximum fun and freshness. 


20th of Jan


White - Erine Els // Big Easy White (South Africa) 


Red - Juan Gil // Honoro Organic Monastrell (Spain)


27th of Jan


White - Nampe // Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)


Red - Paparuda // Pinot Noir (Romania)


3rd of Feb 


White - Bodegones Del Sur // Viognier (Uruguay)  


Red - Bodegones Del Sur // Cab Franc (Uruguay)


10th of Feb 


White - Turckheim // Reisling (Alsace)


Red - Chateau Mayne-Vieil (Bordeaux)


17th of Feb 


White - Trout Valley // Pinot Gris (New Zealand) 


Red - Thorn-Clarke // Terra Barossa Shiraz (Australia) 


24th of Feb


White - Opta // Branco (Portugal) 


Red - Zorgvliet // Silver myn Argentum (South Africa) 


Swing by between 2-6pm To try some of the finest wines and beer every saturday.


We will be bringing out the Champagne bucket and asking you to leave your email for our prize draw. The winner will recieve A grog Party Pack (bottle of red and white with a sixer of beer) 





tasting table


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Welcome. Wine is what we do best. Our main areas of speciality are France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, California, Chile and Argentina. However our range covers many other locations too, including Mexico, Austria, Germany, Hungary & Lebanon. 'We hope that with this range you'll be able to find exactly what you want, along with plenty of new styles too. To best understand our range, stop by and we'll show you around. For information on how to get in touch, click here.  


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