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Fancy learning about the latest trends in craft beer? Are you curious about one of the fastest growing industries in the UK & beyond? Well you are in luck. We at the shop enjoy our beers so much that on a weekly basis we receive a decent enough amount to keep me happy throughout the week. Now I love to try new beers and it's probably one of the biggest perks of the job. Every two weeks we will be putting a box together for avid drinkers or new comers, to try the latest beers that we have available. The perks of this will be that you get the freshest and top quality brews as soon as they land. This venture will be subject to availability and if there’s a beer that flies out we will swap it for something as close as possible.

If there's a beer that you enjoy so much you'd like more, let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate. Many of these brews are potential one off's, seasonal or limited releases.

We constantly have new beers arriving and post about them on Twitter and Instagram.


For our second box we have some truely exciting beers from some of the best breweries in the UK and beyond

Tool – Garden of Eden - There was a time when everyone was walking around naked, in harmony with nature and all its animals. People were just sipping IPAs and on several biblical records, Adam and Eve were putting fruits in their IPA to compliment the fruity mosaic hops. Apricot, Guave, Mango, Passionfruit and Papaya made for a great IPA. Boasting with fruit flavours, this makes an intense IPA, boasting more fruit aromas that you never will come across in any other beer. Cheers! This IPA is one of my all time favourites, no joke, a top three beer that is sensational.

Evil Twin – Tropical Super Itchy – Super Itchy is renowned for being a good Berliner wiesse. Big hits of summer whilst retaining he sour puckering hit that makes you wonder how something could taste like biting into fresh fruit. The Tropical version goes one step further, an upgrade that been hit with an insane amount of passion fruit. Very few American Berliners make me gasp, this was one of them. Pure passionfruit sherbet.

Northern Monk Patrons Projet 4.03 DDH Double Mango Lassi IPA - It was always going to happen... Double Mango Lassi. More than double, in fact, as we upped the mango dosage by 120%.

A super pale grist, heavy with oats and enhanced with slightly ludicrous amounts of lactose. We dropped the whirlpool to 80c before loading in the first addition of Citra and Mosaic. 18g/l of the same with added Amarillo following in dry hop before conditioning the brew with even more mango for a further week; letting the fruit settle in to complete the perfect alcoholic fruit smoothie in a beer can

Left Handed Giant – Sky Above – The first attempt in cans for LHG has had great success. This pale is sessionable, light and refreshing whilst retaining a lot of the integral parts to not make a bland beer. Mild bitterness but citrus notes are still present and offer a welcoming easy drinking pale.

Left Handed Giant – Red 5 – The Bristol crew didn’t just stop at the pale. Red 5 is a west coast red, deep amber and ruby in colour this is a malt forward beer that packs a punch. Orange a grapefruit notes come along with the pine from the hops, an amber ale with style.

Six Degree’s North – Hop Harvest 2017 – The third iteration of the ultimate seasonal brew. 80kg of fresh English Fuggles, hand picked at Haffenden farm only 24 hours prior to brew.

This classic IPA showcases how traditional British hops hold their own in an ever changing market.

Fallen Brewing – Southbound – A peaches and cream pale ale, a homage to the taste of summer. This brew will certainly keep the spirits up during the winter months. Brewed with a load of peaches and lactose, this sweet pale reminds you of the warmer times whilst not invading the sense. Peaches on the nose with a light vanilla and creamy mouthfeel. Was really surpised how well made this was, well deserved.

Wylam x Hawkshead – Pleasures in the Darkness – Wylam have been in hot contention for brewery of the year here. With constant surprises and quality coming out of their new cans, the pairing with legendary stout crew Hawkshead was certain to lead to a great brew. Coffee and cocoa nibs combine with a massive 11% Imp Stout make this a dark treat for warm nights.

Whiplash x Galway Bay – Gravity Rainbow -        A collaboration with Galway Bay Brewery - Gravity's Rainbow combines a grist of Pilsner, Maris Otter, Concerto, Wheat Malt, Torrified Wheat, Flaked Barley and Dextrose (ahem) to produce a nuanced, soft and creamy textured base.

100% Whirlpool hopped with Simcoe, fermented on WLP007, then dry hopped every day, for 7 days, with Simcoe, Ekuanot, El Dorado, BRU-1, Citra, Amarillo and Galaxy in that order reaching an eye-watering 32g/L full load before hitting the inside of the can.


Cromarty – White Out - our seriously hopped up session white IPA. Brewed with modern classic hops such as Citra, Motueka and Mosaic this is one for the hopheads. Couple this with a smooth wheat backbone and at 3.8% makes this the perfect thirst quencher.

Wiper & True x Stillwater Artisanal – Vital One - Based around our Milk Shake stout recipe but brewed with the addition of skimmed milk powder. The resulting brew is a rich, comforting malty Milk Stout. A massive 10% stout that will help break the winter blues.

Whitehag - Nitro Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout - Another winter warmer. The nitro in this leads to a much more full bodied and sweeter stout. Plently of girth to keep you warm throughout the winter months. 


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