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Fancy learning about the latest trends in craft beer? Are you curious about one of the fastest growing industries in the UK & beyond? Well you are in luck. We at the shop enjoy our beers so much that on a weekly basis we receive a decent enough amount to keep me happy throughout the week. Now I love to try new beers and it's probably one of the biggest perks of the job. Every two weeks we will be putting a box together for avid drinkers or new comers, to try the latest beers that we have available. The perks of this will be that you get the freshest and top quality brews as soon as they land. This venture will be subject to availability and if there’s a beer that flies out we will swap it for something as close as possible.

If there's a beer that you enjoy so much you'd like more, let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate. Many of these brews are potential one off's, seasonal or limited releases.

We constantly have new beers arriving and post about them on Twitter and Instagram.


For our First Box we have some truely exciting beers from some of the best breweries in the UK and beyond

Magic Rocks Collab With J.Wakefield (American Flavour Magicians) & Slim Pickens. - Engine, Engine No.9 Cherry Cola Vice - 20 different ingredients went into this Berliner Weiss to create a unique beverage that is most recognisable to Cherry Cola... We know it sounds weird, but curiosity peaked our interested and im a sucker for cola and sour beers. 

Magic Rock / Modern Times - Timequake - Session IPA's, the bread and butter of the midweek. San Diego is a dreamscape of beer at the moment, with California becoming a beer mecca for many (one can dream), but through the 850 operating breweries, Modern Times have stood the test of it all. It is a real treat that they were across and collaborating, so a straight up session IPA wouldn't cut it, Rye was added, fantastic results were achieved, with a deep hop flavour and spicy finish.

Northern Monk / Nomad Clan / Tank Petrol Patrons Poject 2.03 City of Industry - Leeds based brewers that have been producing some of the best beers this year. The Patrons Project was founded on their small brew kit as an initiative to foster collaboration, creativity and community between artists, athletes and creative across the north. Big and Hazy loads, of tropical fruit and an easy drinking finish. On trend and on point. 

Cloudwater - Session IPL Citra El Dorado - IPL (India Pale Lager) is a fusion of two styles to allow the clean and crispness of a lager with the oomph from an IPA. Cloudwater are based in Manchester and have been winning awards for their beers across the board. Slightly citrus and not overpowering.

Burning Sky - Petite Saison - Burning Sky don't make bad beer. Ever. I have personally yet to find disappointment in this brewery as they constantly go above and beyond. Saisons aren't always for everyone but this is a real treat. A mixed fermentation saison, which is a light and easy small beer at 3.5%, aged in white wine barrels. A delicate beer with slight dry hopping for a refreshing finish. 

Siren Broken Dream BA Rum Coffee Edition - Siren have been experimenting again with coffee, their recent barista project went down a storm and we are big fans of coffee in beer. This special iteration isn't a barrell aged beer, but rather the coffee itself is aged in Rum barrels for around 6 months and replaces the usual Sumatran coffee used to make the breakfast stout. As one of the best coffee stouts on the market already, we scoop up any version of this and it often flies out. 

Yeastie Boys Royal Tanninbomb - We were over the moon after the recent announcement that one of our favourite NZ brewers were moving to the UK. Now that their flagship Tea leaf IPA Gunnamatta has turned five, they have brought out Royal Tanninbomb, so we can all celebrate. It is a double version which won't disappoint. Bigger, bolder and more tea!

North End - Salt and Wood Oud Bruin - As the autumn nights draw in we want to eat hearty dinners, the warming meals that make us feel cosy. Flemish Carbonade is slightly different from the French version, as it is made with Beer. Oud Bruin is a style made for this recipe. A sweet brown beer aged in stainless tanks to sour, is the perfect addition to accompany caramelised onions, brown sugar and cider vinegar. North End Brewing may hail from the other side of the Globe but as the founders are a waiter and a chef, they have the palettes to match. Their interpretation of the style is perfect for adding to the stews, or drinking alongside it. 

Beavertown / Other Half - Dead & Berried Raspberry Pale Ale - Beavertown have been brewing some stellar collabs as of recently and this one doesn't disappoint. Other Half have been killing it across in NYC, and we are lucky enough to have been getting their UK collabs in recently. Big raspberry notes on this, surprisingly refreshing but with the backbone of a normal pale that doesn't make it too thin. More like a fruit smoothie IPA but with the tartness being hidden by the lactose. Perfect refreshment for those still chasing sunshine.

Stone Brewing - Xocoveza - Stone Brewing have been on the scene for over 21 years. Consistently making good beer every time. They recently opened the doors to a new brewery this side of the water in Berlin, so we are now lucky enough to have acess to their beers closer to home. This seasonal brew has firmly been cemented as a shop favourite and the excitement for its arrival was greeted with open arms. Xocoveza is a take on Mexican Hot Chocolate that will tickle your taste buds and keep you warm through the Scottish nights.

Basqueland Brewing Project Lervig – No'rway José – A match made in heaven. Two fantastic breweries coming together to create one of the best IPA’s we’ve had all year. Basqueland hailing from spain, whilst Lervig are from Norway, worlds apart but joined by beer. Both breweries have been known to create exceptionally well balanced IPA’s and this number won’t disappoint. Big notes of grapefruit, whilst retaining hoppiness and bitterness. Really refreshing ale that will still pack a punch.

Siren – Ten Finger Discount – Ten fingers was initially a collaboration with the infamous gypsy brewers To Ol. The difference between this and a normal IPA is that Siren spin the beer with cedar wood, allowing the natural notes of the wood to flow through the beer and impart flavour. A combination of spice from the wood and fruits of the beers allow a melding of flavours that will rob your taste buds blind.


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